Course of Study

First Year – 31 Credit Hours


OT503 Beginning Hebrew I 4

OT501 OT Intro and Survey 4

TH503 Theology I 3

BE501 Hermeneutics 3

PM501 Pastoral Leadership I 1



OT504 Beginning Hebrew II 4

NT502 NT Intro and Survey 4

TH602 Theology II 3

BE502 Exposition and Homiletics 2

MO502 Intro to Missions 2

PM502 Pastoral Leadership II 1


Second Year – 26 Credit Hours


NT503 Beginning Greek I4

OT605 Intermediate Hebrew2

TH603 Apologetical Methodology2

TH501 Survey of Church History3

BE601 Preaching Practicum I 1

PM601 Pastoral Leadership III2



NT504 Beginning Greek II 4

OT606 Hebrew Readings 2

BE602 Preaching Practicum II 1

PM602 Pastoral Leadership IV 1

BC602 Intro to Biblical Counseling 2

Elective I 2


Third Year – 24 Credit Hours


NT601 Greek Readings 2

OT701 Hebrew Exegesis 2

OT/BE704 Sermon Prep: Hebrew 2

TH701 Theology III 4

BE701 Preaching Practicum III 1

PM701 Pastoral Leadership V 1



NT602 Intermediate Greek 3

BE/OT801 Preaching: Hebrew Text 2

BE702 Preaching Practicum IV 1

BC702 Marriage & Family Counseling 2

PM702 Pastoral Leadership VI 2

Elective II 2


Fourth Year – 15 Credit Hours


NT701 Greek Exegesis 2

NT/BE705 Sermonic Prep: Greek 2

PM801 Pastoral Leadership VII 1

BC801 Biblical Counseling Case Studies 2



BE/NT802 Preaching: Greek Text 2

MW502 Music and Worship 2

PM802 Pastoral Leadership VIII 2

Elective III 2


Course Descriptions

Course Area/Study Identification

BE Bible Exposition

BC Biblical Counseling

MO Missions and Outreach

MW Music and Worship

NT New Testament and Greek

OT Old Testament and Hebrew

PM Pastoral Ministries

TH Theology and Church History

Course Level Numbers

500 Typically a 1st Year Course

600 Typically a 2nd Year Course

700 Typically a 3rd Year Course

800 Typically a 4th Year Course

Course Offering – Ending Number

Fall Semester = Typically Odd Numbers

Spring Semester = Typically Even Numbers

Example – BE 501 = Biblical Exposition
First Year Course/Fall Offering