Application Process

Admission Requirements

Requirements for admission to TES are:

  • Acceptable testimony of saving faith in Jesus Christ
  • Acceptable explanation of desires for vocational ministry
  • Affirmation by leadership of home and/or current church
  • For the M.Div. program, a completed bachelor’s degree from an institution recognized by TES
  • For the diploma program, an acceptable level of education and applicable ministry experience
  • Completed application process

All decisions pertaining to the admission of students are at the discretion of the Admission Council.

Application Process

Application for admission requirements

  • Obtain an application packet from the Seminary Office or download application here.
  • Distribute reference forms to be completed and mailed directly to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Arrange for official transcripts from undergraduate and/or previous graduate school (even if no program was completed) to be sent directly from the institution to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Return the completed application to the Registrar’s Office. Applications will be considered once all the required forms and fees are received. Please submit all materials as early as possible. Complete the entire application and print clearly.
  • Arrange for a personal interview with a representative of TES at the campus you plan to attend. If the applicant is married, his wife will also be asked to attend the interview and be prepared to answer suitable questions relative to the seminary training process.
  • Once your file is complete, including all references and statements, the Admissions Council will consider the application as quickly as possible. You will then be notified regarding your acceptance to the seminary. If accepted, you will be sent a registration and information packet.